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BlogHer '12 App is Up and Running

The image below is of the BlogHer ’12 App running on my iPad. Isn’t it pretty?
If you go to the App Store you will find the BlogHer ’12 Conference App available, for free naturally, and if you download it you will find it to be up and running, mostly.
Not too many people have added their attendee information as yet. But I did! Descriptions of the tracks seem to be up for the most part and the views that I tried all worked. You can view by track, time, speaker and the flexibiity seems to be very helpful for figuring out what you actually want to attend, focus on and such. You can highlight your interests, view your own schedule, send your contact info to others that want it, and there is room for notes.
The vendor/sponsor info wasn’t up or was slow to load when I played around with it, but if you are attending, having this application up and available well before the conference is a good thing.
I hope the map will show the Sheraton too as many BlogHer attendees will be staying there, not just at the Hilton. Some of us couldn’t get rooms at the Hilton for the days we wanted by the time we could reserve rooms.
I haven’t checked out Twitter and a few other things from the initial menu after you tap the navigation button on the landing page of the app, but everything looks good. All conferences should have such apps.

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