Behaviors Are Illegal, NOT People!

Fercryingoutloud folks,  please, please, please stop using the word illegal to describe people.  People engage in illegal activities.   Behaviors are what  are declared legal or illegal, not individual people.  What a person does can be ruled to be illegal.   But to characterize a person in his or her entirety as “illegal” is not only demeaning and disrespectful to all humanity; it shows an inability to speak coherently.   A person is never declared illegal.  One’s personhood is not illegal.  A person cannot be banned from the human species because he or she doesn’t pass some sort of personhood test.

People may be working without the proper paperwork but they are not illegal aliens, illegal immigrants, and so on.

Maybe this distinction will be lost upon most Arizonans, we do have the worst educational system in the country.    Maybe only the second worst.   In any case, I wish we would stop thinking we have to be 48th in everything we do just because we were the 48th State. 

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  1. Could be true,,, but we have laws to follow and to implement.. otherwise everything will be in chaos.

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