Back Home Again in Arizona

Been back in Arizona for a couple of days now after attending a family wedding in New York that piggy-backed the D.C. protests. It seems like I have been gone for ages. While I’ve blogged over the last few weeks, I have not had reliable internet access nor access to mainstream, corporate televised media.

The first broadcast I watched upon my return was G.W.’s speech at the Orwellianly named National Endowment for Democracy. The NED is funded by taxpayers but does the work of highly varied corporate and union interests with no oversight or constraint. Of course this was not noted by CNN coverage (nor any other corporate “news” coverage.)

Now, a few days later, I am completely disheartened to hear that Pat “gold” and “diamonds” on the soles of his shoes who has been known for quite some time to have egregious affiliations called for the assasinationon of a democratically elected head of state on CNN spouting his Fear and Damnation misinformation in a totally unquestioned nature on CNN. I’m pissed. My husband had to calmly remind me in our agreed upon language: “You’re yelling at the TV” which means -You are over the top yelling at an inanimate object, please take a breath and calm down.- Anyone reading this should send an email to Wolf Blitzer at CNN asking him why the hell he did not confront Robertson when he called Chavez’s deocratically elected and popular government a “Marxist-style dictatorship” and then also let Robertson get away with comments about the “end times” and other ultra-nutso purportedly Christian psycho-babble that in my Christian worldview is effectively no different from fundamentalist Islamic hate and fear taught in Pakistani madras. I equate having this sort of vile traitor to truth justice and the REAL American way on a NEWS show to the cowardly behavior of the media until Edward R. Murrow spoke out against McCarthy. Wolf is no Edward R. Murrow. His scruples obviously were corrupted when he covered the White House beat for so many years.

Get on (write, call, dog, your local and national “news media” and do not let them get away with platform creation for “opium of the masses” (and no, I am not a Marxist, Communist, or a Socialist — Just a pre-papal, pre-nicean Christian) style of fear mongering by servants of the current regime. And that regime is headed by dumbya (i mean dubya) who has an uncanny resemblance to the anti-Christ of the fundamentalist interpretation of the “Revelation” that bears no resemblance to the warning against Rome and abuse of interpretation that it very probably was intended to be.

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