Assaults on Peace Advocates Continue in Tucson

From our allies at the May 1st Coalition– please distribute widely.

March 22, 2007


Yesterday, Wednesday, March 21st, a group of young people representing the May 1st Coalition participated in the weekly pro-peace demonstration in front of the Recruitment Center on Speedway. They arrived at the site at 6:10 A.M. and unfurled a banner that read, “No War in Iraq and No War on the Border”. When the pro-war people arrived, they immediately displayed high levels of hostility and aggressiveness.

Wesley Creigh, supervisor of four teenage interns from Vermont, was hit in the head by a sign wielded by a belligerent pro-war person. Ms. Creigh said, “I deplore this infringement on my First Amendment rights to protest both the war in Iraq and the militarization of the border. If I want to hold a sign expressing my point of view, I have the right not to have it not obstructed in any way, let alone in such a belligerent and aggressive manner as is commonly experienced by peace advocates during the Wednesday morning demonstrations”.

Ms. Creigh has pressed charges of assault against her assailant and is appalled by the incident and also by the stalking that followed when the young people left the Recruitment Center.

The May 1st Coalition is in possession of a video showing the high level of hostility and anger displayed by the pro-war demonstrators.

For further information, call: Nancy Gallen at 829-7107 or 770-1373

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