Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Calls on Legislature to Do The Lord's Work

This is getting ridiculous.  You can read it for yourself, here, but basically Governor Jan Brewer seemed to step over some political/religioius boundaries when in today’s replacement statement for the State of the State address she said, “With our faith and our courage tightly in place, we will step forward from this Chamber, dedicated to the Lord’s work — continuing our service to the public.”

Arizona is run by right wing corporate money and has over-representation in its legislature by Christian and Mormon fundamentalists, most of us know that, but essentially charging the legislature to leave the legislative chambers and go out and do the work of a feudal concept of a male diety is way, way over the top. 

Being over the top is nothing new to Brewer.  She and her ilk seem to want to rule and not govern.  I don’t want any elected official to do the Lord’s work,  I want them to do what they were elected to do, the people’s work.  I can ignore references to God by officials now and then, but this purely Christian religious charge to the legislature is offensive to me and probably is to others who think that the welfare of citizens beingplaced in the hands of people who believe in a feudal framing of the concept of a deity to be quite frightening. 

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