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App of the Week, Martha Stewart CraftStudio, Free through July 8th

Reason Creek’s Application of the Week for the iPad: Martha Stewart’s CraftStudio
The Martha Stewart Craft Studio application is free from the App Store until July 8th thanks to the sponsorship of Snapfish! No I’m not getting paid or reimbursed or anything for reviewing this app. I just stumbled across it and thought, “Hey, lots of folks are going to like this for a variety of reasons!”
While you may certainly use it to make cards, I immediately thought of doing quicky web graphics like the one above, although I am sure you can do better than I did. I just wanted to try out several of the features, such as stamps, stickers, background patterns, text, edge and corner treatments, color, and glitter and handwriting (I decided not to use the later two.)
It allows for undoing, layers, reordering of layers, deletion of elements, altering the color of elements. You can save to pictures, sent, and post.
I wholeheartedly recommend downloading it while it is free. The application allows you to purchase additional palettes or styles if you wish. I have not done that yet. But if I have a need for it, it is nice to know I can quickly make a cute graphic when I’m on the road with just my iPad. The app. will be $4.99 after July 8th.
I’m going to try to design some stickers using this app and print them out for my business promo to hand out at BlogHer using Avery stickers.

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  1. well done; too bac you’re not getting paid! Though I admit, in general, I’m not a big fan of blogging give aways, product stuff etc.Maybe because I already have enough stuff to clutter up my house. But at least this is something productive!

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic! I’m not against doing paid reviews, to some extent, but I can’t feature something as nifty keen and then take money for it without disclosing it, legally. But not everyone knows this, so…. I like to remind folks from time to time. Ads should be discernable as ads.

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