Another F Word Day, Friday the 13th

Frenzied is how the day seems to be defining itself in the F Word world.  You may have noticed that… with the post being a day late…. the pace and continued forecast  frenzied to zoo-like.
Car goes to the shop for a new key to be linked to it. $250 freaking dollars for a car key. Then the seat adjusting button needs to be reattached to the drivers seat…second time for this. Still under warranty, thank heavens. Have to orient the house sitter for the days when both hubby and I will be on the road. We will actually have a few days of vacation time together this year. Amazing. The last time was when we vacationed together in Portland three years ago on our 20th wedding anniversary before the start of a conference he was attending. I thought he’d want to come to NYC to BlogHer with me, but nope. I come in Weds. and leave Sunday. Oh well…  I wouldn’t have had time for him anyway!
And then,  guess what?  The hubby tells me he is picking up a two puppies, Neapolitan Mastiff puppies of course, in TN.  One will be ours, and the other will be picked up by a California owner from our Tucson home.    So I guess the road trip just got longer.  Argh.  Hubby needs his puppy though and our old female dog needs a puppy to raise and keep her company.  Nothing has been right in our home since Mr. Worf was killed by the swarm of Africanized bees.

Mr. Worf, the bestest puppy ever. 2006 -2012. RIP

U.S. Gov map of Africanized Bee distribution in 2009.

Please be sure your animals have a safe place to take shelter from bees if they are outside, as in a doggie door (but the bees might have come in through the door) or better yet never leave them outside alone.  We did, only for a few minutes, something we had done for years with no problems, even though we have predominantly inside dogs, and we lost our beautiful friend of 6 years in May from a bee attack.
At least I’m not starting off on this many legged, many legged indeed, in oh so many ways, journey on Friday the 13th. Not that doing so would be all that terrible, necessarily. I walk under ladders, after checking for buckets of paint and determining reasons for the ladder being there. I open umbrellas indoors. Logic rules my behavior most of the time. But then I remember my best friend during my teen years, who was born on Halloween, saying that her lucky number was 13. She was in a horrific car crash that took place on November 6, 1977. She died on a Friday in January in 1978, that Friday was the 13th. And since I seem to be in a sad mood, let me also say.  Please do not drink and drive, ever.
Okay back on to brighter things and funky strings… or something like that…I did not do an app of the week this week. I might do two next week to make up for the app sloth. I’m really impressed with lightArrow’s company’s LifeTopix organizer.  It really does organize your life, and I will want to feature it, I’m sure. And at some point I also want to talk about Pages for the iPad.
And I am working on my… series, I guess that is what I should call it, on the mash up that is becoming momma media meets corporate money. I look at it from a culture change perspective, and if you are actually following along on this thread, you might want to go back and check out a couple of posts of mine from April: The Feminization of the Interwebs  and Women may be the Winner in the SEO Google Wars while I get this next set up and ready to run.
And don’t let arbitrary day and date cyclic co-occurrence freak you out.  Wikipedia tells me that Friday the 13th only became a focus of superstition a couple hundred years ago.  It is a modern invention.

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