Ann Coulter is at it again (still) !

Ann Coulter really needs to be reigned in by her employers (and watched to see if the suspected rabies develops.) I’ve spoken before about how she is inciting violence. Now she is calling for Murtha’s “fragging.” No joke. Read and listen at Media Matters.

ROSEN: All right, but
you’re not — you’re not suggesting that anybody should off John Murtha?

COULTER: It is what it is.

Really, now. This woman is clearly dangerous and hass been for quite some time, but this sort of incidiary speech is down right hate speech. But for a little bit longer I’ll give her the option of copping to an illness, as mentioned in this wonderful TPM Cafe post and follow up comments .

Here’s the link to the page where you can click to watch my favorite video of Coulter. Yep. Tucson has never liked her. Notice how brave she is running to back stage.

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