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7 Things To Stop Giving A Darn About In 2015

Ok, the word, darn, in the title really means sh*t, and we all know it.  But the expression is so quaint and rooted in women’s culture; I just have to use it.

Darning Needle

I stole the idea for this article from the Huff Po, I did not read their article because that corporation does not pay their writers and that is just plain wrong.  Blog or not, good writing is worth paying for, and, “Yes I know that I ended the previous phrase, which could have been a sentence, with a preposition.”  Sometimes I still use two spaces after a sentence.  Take that grammar and consistency police.
Stealing ideas is a difficult topic to broach.  Intellectual  property is real.  Sacred iconic designs of First Peoples should not be used disrespectfully, or without permission.  Stealing certain previously composed patterns of notes will land you in big fat DMCA prison.  Ideas for a list that bloggers can write about probably does not fall into this subcategory of protected ideas.  Reprinting the entire article that Emma Gray, the editor of HuffPo Women, would be wrong.
Writing this article is not wrong.  In fact, I think it falls into the appropriate use of  “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery” genre of idea generation.  But sincere appreciation is shown through referencing those works from which you have drawn to create a new piece of art, writing, or speaking.
Obviously using a writer’s work (and bloggers are writers, my sweet) without proper permission is theft, so that is also obviously NOT one of the things to which you should give no thought as this year unfolds. Segue to the list this post’s title promises:

7 Things To Stop Giving A Shit About In 2015

(or any other year…)

  1. Celebrity.  If I were going to go for recognition with achievement… well… I can’t even finish this sentence.  I just don’t get it.  Vacuous notoriety for vapid air heads.  Just don’t care.
  2. Having the Right Things.  Right is a world I do not much care for.  I’m on the left of the spectrum.  Right by which decree?  I like nice things but I define right all by myself.  Be comfortable and think about why something is right.
  3. Wearing the Right Things.  Same as above.  Decorate yourself as you wish, with what looks good on you, what feels good.  Polish some old shoes.  Give the money you save to charity.
  4.  Reality TV.  Okay, all TV watchers have some sort of secret peep show relationship with some series.  But…
  5. Faux News. I’m not even going to go here.
  6. What Politicianists Want Us To Do.  Yes, I made up the word politicianist, but it is a good one.  Like capitalists or industrialists, “politicianists”  raise what should be a part of normal society to the ¨uber-absurdity of being all one does supposedly to help others but in fact to serve oneself.
  7. Old Occurrences That Haunt You.  Because, well, we all know that regrets, and allowing the past to haunt us sabotages everything good we can do in the future.

So, just about a week into the New Year, as resolutions drop like flies I just thought this might provide a good replacement plan for a few dear readers.

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  1. I have to agree with you on these, Nancy, and your point about Huff Post is well taken. Writers should get paid for their work.

    1. I’m glad you agree. I like being in good company! The HuffPo thing is hard. I know friends who have been helped tremendously by the byline… but a corporation basing their business of the gifts of a largely poor and exploited segment of society just seems… icky.

  2. Nos. 2 and 3 resonate heavily with me as the last year has given me the opportunity (no, necessity) to learn to live without the “right” things, including clothes and a whole lot more. Don’t let the news of the economic mess being over; I’m still trying to dig out of the hole… and going without the right things because of it. Funny thing: I no longer desire the right things like I used to. Better yet, I’m happy not giving a darn about them.

  3. Yes, bloggers are writers! In fact, we are the new journalists. Who knew?! I do love and agree with your list although I cannot stand the thought of not watching Project Runway. It is a guilty pleasure I allow myself. Fun post, Nancy!

  4. We had to cut back this year so having the right things and wearing them was not a problem No shopping! 🙂 I agree with the rest of your list, especially about celebrity. Tired of seeing the “KK” people in the Twitter feed as trending. Oy.

    1. I don’t shop but I do hunt and gather in thrift stores and estate sales… for things I actually need. When we have to cut back we do find out that we don’t need as much as we might have thought.

  5. Politicianists. I like it. I might have to use it. I might have to give you credit if I do. Because it really is brilliant. Yes. Totally.
    I do love some reality TV shows and I have a blog post about one coming up this week. Project Runway is a definite fave, although I don’t know if that is reality TV…it’s a contest. I could go on and on but…I won’t. Good word. Good post. Ciao.

    1. Project Runway has a purpose that isn’t just fame. You may continue to watch. I give you permission. 🙂

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