Graphic for a Viral Shop-In

Badge I created and you can copy and use.  Image is: J C Penney Shop-in in support of JCP deciding to keep Ellen Degeneres as their spokesperson.

I created this image/graphic so I would have a badge to use on my blogging site in support of the Shop-In to thank J C Penney for keeping Ellen DeGeneres as their spokesperson and not caving in to small but loud protests about naming her their spokesperson.  Also if you do participate this Sunday, or if you do buy something at JCP later than Sunday to support their action, please let them know that you did so by telling the checkout person, or emailing corporate head quarters. The shop in had already gone viral by the time I wrote my post on my other blog and created a graphic.  Now that is Trend Spotting for you.  I tell you I am great at it.
Progressives and liberals ( and “Yes, Virginia, there is a difference”) need to do this as a matter of routine and to do this en masse as their conservative counterparts do the en masse and often thing very well as well as hiring people to do it.    By presenting a graphic for people to use some people will notice and participate in this campaign or shop-in because the graphic got their attention when text or would not have grabbed it.  Graphics are good business!
Remember, if you need  a graphic for your website my rates are low and fare.  Some graphics, specially created just for you for one time use on your website, are as low as $25.00.

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