Life Lessons from my Mother

by Melinda Taylor

She was with me as I drew my first breath, and I was there when she drew her last. I miss her but a smile comes to me when I think of the way she lived her life. These are the lessons she taught us by the way she lived it.
Mom and daughter walking by Jon Ottosson
Mom was a simple woman but the lessons she taught us were priceless.
Mom taught us the love of music and even in worst of times she had a song in her heart and on her lips.
Mom taught us honesty by her example. Even though us didn’t have much money we always paid our debts, even if it took years. I watched her walk to the funeral home each week to put $5.00 down on the funerals of my grandparents. She was so proud when she got it paid off.
Mom taught us when something knocked us down we could get up, shake ourselves off and start all over again. After all that was the way of the Peterson Women.
Mom taught us to laugh at ourselves and our mistakes. Nothing is so bad that a laugh couldn’t make it better. Mistakes can be repaired and as long as we learned by them it was a good thing.
coffee pot by Annie SprattMom taught us kindness and gentleness. We watched her nurture people through the years. She always had the coffeepot handy and a listening ear. We saw the rewards of a life well lived in the Nursing Home in Menagha, Mn. The loving care she got from the staff. Whenever we go up there even today I hear the praises of the people she worked with.
Most of all she taught us how to love our families and friends well. There was always hugs and kisses and she always let us know how much she loved us and her love was unconditional.
Mom created wonderful memories for us and all her grandchildren. She left a legacy of joy, strength and love.
When she got to heaven and looked at the face of God I’m sure he opened his arms and said, “Welcome home my daughter. Job well done.”

Melinda Taylor, daughter of Gladys Lindroos, is a freelance short story writer.
She says of herself: I am an older woman that has been writing for a few years. I, just in the past year, found out that people like to hear the stories I write so I read one of them once a month to an older group of senior citizens. I love to write about the nature and beautiful things in life. I am currently trying to work on a meditation book called Reflections from my Porch. I live in Edina, MN and I am a woman’s advocate that works on my own. I have seven children and a host of grand and great-grandchildren.