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Zealotry, Zaftig and Zami

Today’s post is the last post, the post for the Letter Z in the Blogging A to Z Challenge in which I enrolled so as to help me get some of the basics about how this site views the topic of Women’s Legacy.  It has been a very good experience: fun, educational, and it provided me with the structure to be disciplined and write these 26 articles.  I’ve reviewed many of the core concepts that feed into our motto of Live Your Legacy Now, and have a long list of topics I am excited to share with readers.


Zealotry of all forms, religious, political and beyond, impact women in all aspects of our lives.  Zealots passionately believe they know truth and they want to impose it upon others.  Zealotry feasts on critiques of how women look, act, and behave.  It is all the way to whom women love and how they were born.  Reframing is one of the most effective ways to react to zealous nonphysical infringements into our personal lives.  Why?  Because we have control over how we choose to group, control, and attend to information.



Women who are “plus” size, for example, may choose to view themselves as zaftig rather than fat or plump.  Zaftig is a Yiddish word that means ample or juicy.  I personally would rather be more than enough and succulent than just a little bit and dried up.  Reframing and rephrasing are powerful tools.  How we view and present ourselves is our business.


Biomythography is the term Audre Lorde coined for her  1992 memoir/novel/personal mythology Zami: A New Spelling of My Name: A Biomythography. Zami tells the story of living life as a black lesbian in mid-20th Century America.  Zealots have a field day with any person fitting any of the assumptions they place on her.  She rose above all those little minds.  Zami might be any woman who writes her own biomythography.  
Z is fiercely independent.  So are we.  What are the A to Zs of your biomythography?

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  1. My word of the week is now most definitely zaftig. I’m on a mission to weave it into as many conversations as possible!

  2. Woo hoo! You got through the whole alphabet. I’m going to have to go back and check out the ones I missed. I love the idea of reframing and think zaftig is so much more of an appealing way to celebrate that little bit of extra some of us boast 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you want to check out the other posts. What a compliment! The challenge did help me produce articles to fill out the background.

  3. Zaftig is one of my favorite words! Congrats for getting through the blog challenge.

  4. My oh so proper maternal grandmother spoke in Yiddish when she was cutting people people down — I guess she thought that was more polite??? In our house “zaftig” is more saying that you are fat cow. I like your reframed version much better!!!
    I love the way the way the site is coming together and filling out! Outstanding!

  5. I like the word zaftig! I think that’s how I would describe myself indeed. I can see where doing this challenge would be a very interesting path to take and a great learning experience. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  6. Hi Carolann, The challenge is a good one. If you are a blogger, which you are, I highly recommend it if you want to up the quantity of posts you produce. Quality suffers when I don’t get a day a week off.

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