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The Majority of Boomers have more in common with Gen-Xers than Stereotypical Boomers. Why? Because the last half of the Post World War II Baby Boom, temporally speaking, contains more members than the first group. I spent years writing about this. Just search the term Late Boomer and you will find my stuff, because as far as I can tell, I coined the term and due partially to my multiyear campaign to let marketers and advertisers understand the real cohorts within the Boom, I – along with a few other dedicated souls – managed to inject the term Late Boomer into the vocabulary of American demographers and the people who use demographic info to make money.
The original Generation X was a book written about the last half of the Baby Boom. So kids of the 60s and 70s have as much in common as the supposed “generation” of Boomers. Beats, Hippies, and New Waving Punks are the sort of overlapping stereotypes of groups that are more cohesive than groups created by the statistical artifact of annual birth rates.
But, anyway, the women of Boom X are coming into their own in so many ways at this very moment. BlogHer12 finally had a session about mid-life and blogging. I’m launching a site that should appeal to women who are Done Nesting. It is in heavy development heavy development as we speak. There are scads of other sites that are new or will soon launch that are also intended to appeal to the Boom X women.
So in the name of information exchange I’m linking to some of my recent discoveries of sites related to what seems to be developing as a 45+ women’s online movement.
There is a 45 plus women’s Facebook group for bloggers called, reasonably enough, Bloggers Over 45.
I mentioned Second Lives Club a few posts back as a spiff online magazine featuring women who have reinvented themselves.
Of course, Done Nesting, will have a directory of “empty nest,” and late boomer sites of interest to women who have already or are looking forward to having adult children and are no longer actively creating a “nest” for children.
I’ve also found many similar minds from similar life stages to mine on another Facebook Group, GBE 2.
Culturally we are at a pivot or tipping point for both women’s culture and global digital culture with both of these systems interacting and transforming human culture. I’m so excited!

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  1. Love the phrase Late Boomer, as I was born at the very tail end of the Boomer generation. While I enjoy the benefits that the Boomers created for us tagalongs, I haven’t ever really identified with those who were 20 or so years older than me. I landed right in the middle of the New Age/Punk movement in my early college years and now am a settled down, yet still a bit rebellious late 40-something that – I know – will never see myself as old. Thank you for sharing this!

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