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Meaningful Dates

A Wonderful Today

Today marks a huge milestone for my daughter.  Today is the first day she is officially working as an audiologist.  She received her doctorate in May.  Friday was the last day of a year-long externship with a major  integrated managed care consortium.  I am so proud of her.  Not only was it a sought-after externship, they decided they wanted to offer her a position which she accepted.  Good salary, great benefits,  and a location that is quite close to what both she and her husband had hoped for.  My heart is happy.  She is quite fortunate.  I can’t say that she is lucky, because she aimed for, worked for, and gave up many things to arrive where she is.  But she could have been dealt a much worse hand in life.  Being born healthy, intelligent, and attractive in the U.S. to parents who loved her and could meet her basic needs is not a small thing.  I know this.

woman in graduation robe and mortar board, image from the rear
My daughter, walking toward her future, away from me.
Daughter and her hubby with their two dogs on dog beach at Fort Bragg, CA.

Sad Yesterdays

Am image of my Mom and my Daughter I keep over my desk.

Life seems to always want to make sure all sides are represented on any given thing I experience.   As happy as this day is, as symbolic as this day is, I also know that my mother died 11 years ago today.

Conscious Framing

Life at some point becomes about framing each day through choice with what we remember and upon what we choose to focus.  My husband says it is moribund  to I remember the dates of unpleasant events.  Generalizations can be deceptive, but I think women who are focused on cycles by cultural conditioning and biological factors do remember dates more often than men.  Writers of all sorts, especially those who write journals as well as items for public consumption etch dates into memory through the act of writing by hand and by keystroke.

Young mother hosing off her baby daughter on a patio. Copyright Nancy Hill. All rights reserved.
Nancy and Phoebe, Summer 1990.

Today I choose to celebrate my daughter, and probably embarrass her.

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  1. Beautiful thoughts! I am also one to remember life by dates — but just so we all acknowledge it isn’t always a gender thing, my husband tends to do so also. I think it is often about what profoundly impacts us. I’ve found with time that many important dates begin to pile upon one another depending on the size of our families and complexities of our lives. I hope that the joy you embrace today is enhanced by remembering the joy your mother (apparently) brought you and your daughter during her life. Congrats to your daughter!

    1. They do pile up. I am skewed as my hubby and brothers did not focus on dates, at all. I try to focus on positive and joyful moments, even though that there were not enough of those with my mother. Many more to come with my daughter I hope.

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