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At the beginning of every month I now put an article on this site’s home or landing page, that is also a blog post, that is intended to give readers ideas for creating content related to women’s history, the historic events of the month, and historic and archaeological events involving women.  There are supposed to be 30 to 40 prompts or spin off points in each of these “month of…” posts. I enjoy the exercise of putting these together whenever I do them.  I really, really  like this month’s post of prompts, if I do say so myself.  Do check it out.
Woman assembling cowling 1942
Did you see the Presidential Proclamation on Women’s History Month, 2016?  You can find it here.  In it the President encourages us to observe International Women’s Day on March 8th.  He also suggests going to WomensHistoryMonth.gov for information about “the generations of women who,” as he says, “left enduring imprints on our history.” He also mentions the upcoming summit the White House will host on “The United State of Women,” in May.  It will both highlight advances in and efforts to help women confront the challenges while aspiring to greatness.
Of course, as this month is Women’s History Month, I am learning more about being an editor and publisher via the Her Story series I am publishing on this site.  So far we have had a story about a Persian grandmother’s hand-crafted textile and all it conveys to a granddaughter.  Next up will be a story from a teacher about a teacher.  Actually we have two of those.  Another will be about a single mom.  There will be a step-mother tribute, and another will pay homage to a very special mother in law. And aunts and grandmothers and great aunts will be covered too.  I hope to receive a story about a WWII female pilot within a day or two.  And there are more!  Stories of regular women who were significant – we all have such stories and I am so happy to be able to bring some of them to you.
Last year in April, as this site was just a wet and screaming neonate, the A to Z Challenge helped us plant 26 basic articles about Women’s Legacy.  Come this April, in a very few weeks, we will be doing another series of 26 posts with an A to Z  coverage of a Legacy Tools theme.  It is a busy Spring.  Hope you will continue to enjoy it with us.

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