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Baja Arizona Revived! ¡Viva Baja!

Thank you Paul Eckerstrom for showing the world, via Alex Wagner on MSNBC a few minutes ago, that Tucson is not nuts, like much of the rest of Arizona.  You can see an earlier MSNBC interview with him, from 2011, on the Tucson Weekly site.  Free Baja Arizona!  You have done more than Representative Ron Barber, a DINO, Democrat in Name Only, has done for our part of the world with his voting with the Republicans on key issues. Anything that gets individuals and businesses to check out Tucson rather than Phoenix as the place to be in Arizona is a good thing.

The map area with the yellow fill is the area purchased from Mexico in 1854 known as the Gadsen Purchase. Contemporary state lines and cities are shown.

I wrote about this vital, eclectic energy that Tucson possesses on my business site this week.  Timely!
Seriously, Tucson is a bastion of sanity in the wack-job of a political entity that is Arizona.   Start Up Tucson, Tear Down the Walls, and the All Souls Procession are just a sampling of the great events that are happening, and could only happen in the Old Pueblo, within the next couple of weeks.
Find out about the real Baja Arizona movement by reading the statement of purpose that was on the site when the secession movement had a home page which it does not now have by reading the following statement.  Then go check out an unofficial one that captures the attitude of Baja Arizona.  For a great article about Southern Arizona, check out the wikipedia page.

Start Our State – Statement of Purpose

Breaking away from the State of Arizona is a serious business. As we enter Arizona’s 100th year, all Arizonans should be coming together to celebrate the accomplishments of our State and our coexistence and cooperation not only with other states but other nations, who send their children to Arizona universities in great numbers.
Instead, our state legislature and our governor, with great determination, are intent on pushing us back into the know-nothing nativism of the 19th century. Arizona has real problems that require intelligent and reasonable discussion and resolution. But our state government has ceded all authority to legislate to one man, Russell Pearce, who has repeatedly proven himself incapable of reason or tolerance.
As a result, while Arizona shares the struggles of all other states to achieve economic recovery, our legislature is enamored with xenophobic attacks on people of Mexican descent. Though done in the name of “securing our borders,” the solutions in no way address the very real problems our State faces, and the legislature’s desired result is to harass an entire population into abandoning their country, even if those people were born here and have known no other home. Furthermore, these laws have been, and will continue to be, struck down in the courts because they are so clearly contrary to the United States Constitution.
Now, in flagrant defiance of the realities of existing constitutional law and the rights of those who live within our borders, Pearce and his supporters in the legislature have passed legislation permitting them to nullify all federal laws with which they disagree – including the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which protects the rights of all Americans.
Most attempts to nullify federal laws by states have been met with a confrontation with the United States Army, whether it be the Civil War or the Whiskey Rebellion. This is particularly true where the basis for nullification has been to deprive certain peoples of basic rights, as is the case with our state legislature and governor. The vast majority of the citizens of this State wish to preserve our citizenship and our rights under the United States Constitution and avoid another civil war.
Because Maricopa County contains more than half of the population of Arizona, citizens of the other fourteen counties can never hope to take back Arizona government at the ballot box. Therefore, we must express our self-determination by breaking our political ties to the State of Arizona and endeavor to form a new State. We welcome all counties of Arizona to join us in our effort to secure the blessings of liberty.

I love  the Primeria Alta, and was so glad to turn on the TV and see a depiction of the Arizona I know that is so different from extremist state upon which most media coverage focuses.

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