To celebrate WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH, The Women’s Legacy Project is soliciting posts that honor the regular stories of regular women who created our world. 

We want your stories, art, photos and posts about your mother, grandmother, great grandmother, aunt or other immediate female ancestors to highlight women who made our history and whose stories deserve to be told even though fame did not visit them.  Which women mentored you, inspired you, and showed you a path you have since followed.  

An example post can be accessed at Gathering the Past for the Future

Submissions should be received during the month of February,  Submission does not guarantee publication.  You retain your copyright.  A byline, link to your blog or site, and your image, if wanted, will be included with the piece. 

I encourage you to publish the piece on your site as well, and if possible, to share several stories about women who helped to shape your life.  Role models, mentors, and ancestors are all appropriate subjects for your piece. 

Your submission should be:

  • between 250 and 800 words
  • submitted as text
  • in an email (click the submit button to send one)
  • with the subject:   Her Story

Our stories will be more powerful and illustrative of the wonder of regular women’s voices and history if we collect many stories for browsing together as a body of knowledge. 

Her Story

Tell the world about her!  Share her wit and wisdom.  If you don't, who will?

Submit it!